50 Days of Rosé: Day 37

I feel like things have been getting a little too French around here. A little too all-Provence-all-the-time. So the other day I picked up this rosé of Syrah from Bulgaria, of all places. It’s imported by G&B Imports, a company that specializes in wines from Bulgaria done in an accessible, modern style. Bottle: 4.5/5 – I […]

50 Days of Rosé: Day 36

Aaaand, we’re back! I couldn’t resist this adorable bottle at Whole Foods, so I forked over $12.99 for this rosé of Garnacha from El Terrano: Plus, look at the capsule and cork. So cute and consistently branded: Bottle: 4.5/5 – If Anthropologie was going to have their own rosé label, this is what it would look […]

50 Days of Rosé: Day 35

Angelina and Brad’s Chateau Miraval enjoyed a bit of a moment in the last couple of years, so I wondered how the 2016 edition survived their breakup. The answer is…fine? It’s fine. Boring and somewhat overpriced, but fine. Bottle: 3/5 – I’ve never loved Miraval’s squat bottle shape, probably because it doesn’t fit comfortably into the rack […]

50 Days of Rosé: Day 34

Despite working with wine for a living, I’m as susceptible to an impulse buy as anyone, and the other day at Giant picking up tissues and hair ties, I snagged a little mini box of Black Box Rosé. Bottle: 3/5 – I know there’s a limit to how cute you can make a tetrapak, but they […]

50 Days of Rosé: Day 33

It’s a momentous day here at Rosé Headquarters, and by Rosé Headquarters, I mean my messy house. I have not used that yoga mat you see peeking out of the corner of this photo in months: I finally tried Chateau d’Esclan’s Whispering Angel, at least in an official context. I’ve had the gummy bears that […]

50 Days of Rosé: Day 32

Sometimes a favorite rosé will just come out of nowhere and give you a big juicy pink surprise bite in the ass. That is what happened with Pot de Vin, a rosé of Syrah I picked up on a whim at my local health food grocery store, Mom’s. I mostly like going there because they […]

50 Days of Rose: Day 31

I had to take a bit of a break to deal with a family emergency, but I couldn’t leave my duty to rosé for too long, so let’s pick right back up where we left off! Today we have a rosé from South Africa, Mulderbosch, made from Cabernet Sauvignon. Bottle: 4/5 – I’ve always liked the […]

50 Days of Rosé: Day 30!

I’m starting to think that Gamay is a really underrated variety to use for rosé. For Day 30 I’ve got a rosé of Gamay from Pierre Guindon, a producer in France’s Loire Valley. Bottle: 3.5/5 – Not bad, but I don’t love the faux-aged label. Color: 4/5 – A pretty fluorescent coral. Chugability: 4/5 – Like […]

50 Days of Rosé: Day 29

We are almost at 30 beautiful days of rosé! Today I have a delicious, tangy rosé of Grolleau, a peppery red variety from France’s Loire Valley. Bottle: 4/5 – I’m a sucker for the old-fashioned look of the labels on wines from Kermit Lynch Imports. Color: 4.5/5 – Electric magenta, almost glows in the glass! Chugability: […]

50 Days of Rosé: Day 28

We’re almost a month in! Today I’ve got another discount emporium rose, this time from Costco. Here’s the Kirkland brand 2016 Cotes de Provence Rosé: Bottle: 3.5/5 – Simple, clean, and nice traditional bottle shape, traditional, but not super exciting. Color: 4.5/5 – Textbook pale melon color. Chugability: 4/5 – Like one of those starlets who […]

50 Days of Rosé: Day 27

Today, I did a little browsing at Trader Joe’s to see what pink wine everyone’s favorite discount snack emporium has to offer. I’ve always liked the La Granja brand’s reds – the Tempranillo and Tempranillo/Garnacha blends are both great values to grab if you’re shopping for frozen mini quiches and cookies you’ll eat too many […]

50 Days of Rosé: Day 26

Another day, another trendy rosé, here one of what I’m pretty positive is Pinot Noir from canned wine pioneers Underwood. Bottle: 3.5/5 – I really hate the soda-like chubby 12oz can here, but props for the rest of the design. Color: 3.5/5 – There’s a slight orange cast to the pink I don’t love. Chugability: […]

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