50 Days of Rosé: Day 12 (Shake Shake Shake…Shake your Wine?!)

Domestic rosé hasn’t been getting a whole lot of love here, but Margerum’s Riviera Rosé made me pretty happy…after a small adjustment!

Bottle: 4.5/5 – Nice clean label design here, attractive screwcap, no weird tinting of the glass that makes the rosé a gross muddy color. Solid effort!

Color: 4.5/5 – Very pale, but still noticeably pink.

Chugability: 4/5 – The first sip or two of this wine was a little overly tart, a little tight, a little…ungenerous. I also noticed that it was almost fizzy. Here’s what it looks like after a good hard shake:

De-gassing this wine greatly improved it. If you notice that your wine is ever-so-slightly fizzy and it’s not thrilling you, give it a good shake (with the cap/cork firmly attached of course!), let the bubbles settle, and give it another shot. You might be surprised by how much less aggressively tart and fruitier the wine tastes.

A lot of wineries are using more CO2 to preserve wines’ freshness, as a way to cut back on sulfur. I see a lot of this excess gassiness in wines from Austria and Germany, but it’s not limited to those places, obviously. So don’t be afraid to shake up your wine!

Price to Quality Ratio: 3.5/5 –  This retails for around $20, and honestly, you could do just as well for a lot less if you bought rosé from France or Spain, but it’s nice to support American wineries getting into the pink game.

Overall Score: 16.5/20. There are a lot of overpriced domestic rosés out there, and while this isn’t the absolute most amazing value, it’s head and shoulders above a lot of what I taste from California, Oregon, and Virginia. Just don’t forget to give it a good shake!

Goes With: A nice fresh salad, or Mexican food.

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