50 Days of Rosé: Day 16

Whenever people ask me what my favorite wine is, I always say, “anything with bubbles.” I’ve learned through this little project that this isn’t really true. Case in point, this sparkling rosé made from Pinot Noir from Spain:

Bottle: 3/5 – There’s nothing inherently wrong with the bottle, but this wine is a pretty color! A clear bottle would say much more clearly: this is pink wine! Drink me!

Color: 4.5/5 – Almost magenta, I really liked the darker, punchier color of this sparkler.

Chugability: 2.5/5 – Aaaand this is where things went off the rails a bit. If I ordered this at brunch I’d be like, ok, fine, but it really doesn’t improve as it warms up and knowing me, I’d leave 1/3 of the glass and not order another.

Price to Quality Ratio: 3/5 –  This is between $10-12 depending on where you look, so it’s not expensive, but as we’ve seen during this series, you can do much better for this amount or less. Whether it’s your relationship or your rosé, you don’t have to settle, folks.

Overall Score: 13/20. Not terrible, but there are better options out there.

Goes With: Overpriced eggs and listening to the girls at the table next to you tell a really salacious story about their night…

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