50 Days of Rosé: Day 23

To continue my survey of canned rosé, you know, for science, today we have The Drop. I’m not exactly sure what the deal is with the name. Or the lobster on the can? But it’s sparkling rosé that comes in a can, so how bad could it be?

Bottle: 4/5 – The can is a cute size and shape, but I liked the bold, graphic design of Ramona better.

Color: 4.5/5 – A lovely (and commercially smart!) salmon color.

Chugability: 2.5/5 – This had a strange, cabbage-y aroma (I’ll write more about where these types of aromas come from in a future post), and not a whole lot of flavor. It’s definitely dry, but honestly, this could have used a little residual sugar to create a fuller mouthfeel and flavor. The fizz does give it a little refreshing oomph, though.

Price to Quality Ratio: 3/5 –  This is $16 for a 4-pack, so it’s not a terrible rip off or anything, but I feel like most of that $16 went to branding and packaging.

Overall Score: 15/20. A fun concept and package, but I’m holding out for a real rosé sparkler that actually tastes good!

Goes With: A work barbecue. You mindlessly drink it and then wonder where the last three hours of your life went…

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