50 Days of Rosé: Day 33

It’s a momentous day here at Rosé Headquarters, and by Rosé Headquarters, I mean my messy house. I have not used that yoga mat you see peeking out of the corner of this photo in months:

I finally tried Chateau d’Esclan’s Whispering Angel, at least in an official context. I’ve had the gummy bears that Sugarfina makes that supposedly have Whispering Angel in them, and I feel like I’ve had it at trade tastings, but those things are such a shitshow who knows if anything really gets a fair shot. But now I’ve had a chance to sit down and try it, and here are my thoughts.

Bottle: 3/5 – Pretty, but boring.

Color: 4/5 – It’s almost too pale. We get it. You’re the perfect, just-barely-pink color.

Chugability: 3.5/5 – Textbook flavors – honeydew melon and Ranier cherries. The texture is a tad thin, and it doesn’t have that mouthwatering snap on the finish I look for.

Price to Quality Ratio: 2.5/5 –  This retails for around $18, and you could do just as well, if not better, for half the price.

Overall Score: 13/20. I’ll drink this, but I’ll never pay for it myself again.

Goes With:  Scrolling through Instagram and wondering if maybe you should get eyelash extensions. Snap out of it!


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