50 Days of Rosé: Day 35

Angelina and Brad’s Chateau Miraval enjoyed a bit of a moment in the last couple of years, so I wondered how the 2016 edition survived their breakup. The answer is…fine? It’s fine. Boring and somewhat overpriced, but fine.

Bottle: 3/5 – I’ve never loved Miraval’s squat bottle shape, probably because it doesn’t fit comfortably into the rack we use for rosé where I work and it upsets my need for organization. Why yes, I do save every email I’ve ever received and file it in an elaborate system of folders, why do you ask?

Color: 4/5 – Textbook. Over/under on how long it takes Pantone to create an official Provençal Pink?

Chugability: 4/5 – Good, but not amazing. Indistinguishable from every other rose from this region. All the rough edges have been filed off.

Price to Quality Ratio: 2.5/5 –  This is around $25 most places and is way overpriced.

Overall Score: 13.5/20. Boring and overpriced. You could do way better for half the price or less (Domaine du Dragon, Pot de Vin, and Moulin de Gassac are all much better and cheaper!)

Goes With:  An overpriced raw fish appetizer on a fancy restaurant’s patio, where you’re surrounded by beautiful people with perfectly applied lipstick and not much to say.

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