50 Days of Rosé: Day 6

Today I’m putting two American Pinot Noir rosés head to head: Meiomi and Angeline. Why let Provençal roses have all the fun?

Let’s start with Angeline, a rosé made from Pinot Noir from coastal vineyards around Sonoma.

Bottle: 3/5 – There’s a vague tackiness to the torn edge effect on the label, but it’s…fine. It’s fine.

Color: 3/5 – A darker, almost fluorescent-tinged pink that’s just not as appealing as it should be.

Chugability: 2/5 – The acidity on this is sort of weird and twangy, and it smells and tastes boozier than it is. My roommate said it tasted ‘sort of like when you throw up in your mouth a little,’ which I thought was a bit mean! But there is something about this that sort of reminds me of bad fruit cocktail. It’s not *that* bad – if you were at a party and threw an ice cube in it, you’d be fine with it, but you probably wouldn’t go back for another glass.

Price to Quality Ratio: 2/5 – This retails for around $13, so it’s not outrageous, but you can do better.

Overall Score: 10/20. A firm ‘meh,’ from me. I like other wines from this winery, but their rosé is a bit of a miss this year.

Goes With: Desperation in an airport lounge?

OK, now let’s take a look at Meiomi, the hugely popular second label to Belle Glos, everyone’s favorite Pinot Noir that actually tastes like heavily oaked Grenache doctored with Super Purple.

Bottle: 3.5/5 – Pretty nice! I like the nicer grade of screwcap closure (matches the label!) they sprang for here.

Color: 3.5/5 – A pale, coppery color, almost like a really new penny.

Chugability: 3.5/5 – This has some of the signature ripeness you’d expect from a brand like Meiomi, but it feels much more balanced than Angeline. It’s definitely a richer rosé, but it’s not boozy or sour.

Price to Quality Ratio: 4/5 – This retails for around $17 – Pinot Noir is a bit of a difficult diva to grow, so for a decent quality rosé, this is a pretty fair price.

Overall Score:What do you know? A few extra dollars gets you a much lusher, better balanced Pinot Noir rosé!

Goes With: Chicken with barbecue sauce would be really good with this.

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