Frivolous Friday: La Croix

I’ve always loved bubbles. And while my favorite way to get my bubbly fix is with Champagne, that isn’t practical on a daily basis, especially with your lunch at work. Even at a wine store, we’re not really supposed to actually drink on the job. I know, my life is SO HARD.

Enter La Croix, which, despite its fancy French name, is actually made in Wisconsin. They make delicious, fizzy, flavored sparkling water with no calories or sugar. It comes in an array of flavors, but my favorites are grapefruit (if you’re feeling fancy, call it “pamplemousse”) and lime.

la croix pamplemousse


There is also a new Curate line, that’s supposed to have a more ‘intense’ flavor, and they also come in a long, skinny can shape, kind of like those limited edition Pellegrino cans:

la croix curate blackberry cucumber


I haven’t found these anywhere, and I’m seriously considering ordering sparkling water on Amazon just so I can try one of these flavors. Has anyone tried one of these? Blackberry and cucumber – how great does that sound?

Although the La Croix website has a ton of ridiculous recipes you can try, and I’ve been known to use the grapefruit in a white wine spritzer (Sauvignon Blanc and a squeeze of orange juice – try it!), the best use of these little cans of wonderful is to keep one in the fridge, and crack it open right at the end of the day as you’re getting in your car. You’ll feel refreshed and hydrated by the time you get home, especially on a hot summer day.

Cheers to fancy bubbly water – even if it is made in the Midwest and the packaging looks like something out of a 1980s hotel lobby.

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