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50 Days of Rosé! Welcome to Spring

After years of having to shove rosé into customers’ hands and swear to them on a stack of bibles and my future firstborn that it wasn’t sweet just to get them to buy it, we’ve now reached Peak Rosé. Rosé sales grew over 30% in 2015, and in 2016 it was the wine category that […]

Into the Heart of Darkness: America’s Most Popular Wine Brands

Last week, just in time for Valentine’s Day, I decided to delve into the nexus of America’s repressed desires: the wine aisle at my local Target. Depending on what you read, either Apothic or Folie a Deux’s Menage a Trois are the most popular red blends in America, so I decided to try both. Here […]

So, You Want To Be A Wine Importer

So, you went to Uruguay or southern Italy on vacation, and you found the most amazing small producers that no one is bringing into the US. After some dreamy pillow talk with your significant other you’ve decided you should start a small import company. Congratulations! I hope you have a lot of money to lose. […]

Taking a Break From All Your Worries

Most of my recent travel has focused on wine in some way, but for the past two weeks, I’ve been in Thailand, land of delicious curry, tropical fruit, and basically no decent wine that isn’t wildly overpriced compared to anything else you might order. It was fucking glorious. I drank cheap beer, as many sodas […]

How To Shop

Sure, you’d think we need another how-to series when it comes to wine and other adult beverages like a proverbial hole in the head. But in my experience, most helpful writing about wine is a little too aspirational. None of it addresses the times when we really need help figuring out what the fuck to buy […]

Wine Wipes,or, Don’t Be a PTC

When I moved to Napa for wine school, I learned the unfortunate term “PTC,” as a caution against walking around after a wine tasting with purple teeth. PTCs are ‘purple-teethed cougars’ named for their love of big Napa Cabernet and handsome younger men. Hey, nice work if you can get it! Interestingly, there is no male […]

Frivolous Friday: La Croix

I’ve always loved bubbles. And while my favorite way to get my bubbly fix is with Champagne, that isn’t practical on a daily basis, especially with your lunch at work. Even at a wine store, we’re not really supposed to actually drink on the job. I know, my life is SO HARD. Enter La Croix, […]

A Whiter Shade of Rosé

I have a potentially sensitive topic to discuss. And no, it doesn’t have anything to do with something horrible Donald Trump said on Twitter or public breastfeeding or any of the other things people love to argue about on the Internet. It’s something way more important than that. No, we need to talk about rosé. […]

What I’m Tasting: Still Stuck on Gruner

As we gear up for fall at the shop, our tasting schedule is ramping up as well, which is sometimes fun, and sometimes just slogging through 20+ “red blends” in a day, searching for one that doesn’t make us all want to heave. I’ve tasted some delightful wines, many from Austria, in the past couple […]

A Little Monday Rant

I have a little bit of a bone to pick with some of our customers. And I feel bad saying this, because it’s not like I’m not happy that people want to shop at the store where I work. I like money. It keeps me in cheap rose and overpriced beauty products. But I don’t […]

What I’m Tasting: Dranks at the Beach!

When you taste wine and beverages for a living, it’s nice to take your expert hat off and just enjoy wine for what it is, without thinking too much about it. This past weekend, I headed to Ocean City, Maryland with my two best girlfriends for a weekend of sun and doing NOTHING, and it […]

Virginia is for (Wine) Lovers: Part 2

After my charcuterie at Early Mountain (I could have stayed there all afternoon and into the evening – that is a NICE tasting lounge!), it was time to head to Uphill House, a super charming bed and breakfast. The drive up the gravel road to get there (past a house with a Confederate flag – […]

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