50 Days of Rosé: Day 35

Angelina and Brad’s Chateau Miraval enjoyed a bit of a moment in the last couple of years, so I wondered how the 2016 edition survived their breakup. The answer is…fine? It’s fine. Boring and somewhat overpriced, but fine. Bottle: 3/5 – I’ve never loved Miraval’s squat bottle shape, probably because it doesn’t fit comfortably into the rack […]

50 Days of Rosé: Day 32

Sometimes a favorite rosé will just come out of nowhere and give you a big juicy pink surprise bite in the ass. That is what happened with Pot de Vin, a rosé of Syrah I picked up on a whim at my local health food grocery store, Mom’s. I mostly like going there because they […]

50 Days of Rosé: Day 13

For lucky Day 13, we have a less than lucky rosé. Inovacion, a rosé of Malbec and Syrah from Argentina is on deck today. I tried this at the wine bar inside Whole Foods, because that’s my idea of a wild Friday night these days, having a glass of wine before I grocery shop. Just […]

50 Days of Rosé: Day 10

Whenever I try to sell people something made from Zweigelt, they usually start backing away slowly, wondering how they can politely get away from me and just go buy some freaking Merlot and get on with their day. So don’t think of Paul D’s Frizzante Rosé as Zweigelt, even though it is, and even though […]

50 Days of Rosé: Day 6

Today I’m putting two American Pinot Noir rosés head to head: Meiomi and Angeline. Why let Provençal roses have all the fun? Let’s start with Angeline, a rosé made from Pinot Noir from coastal vineyards around Sonoma. Bottle: 3/5 – There’s a vague tackiness to the torn edge effect on the label, but it’s…fine. It’s […]

How To Shop

Sure, you’d think we need another how-to series when it comes to wine and other adult beverages like a proverbial hole in the head. But in my experience, most helpful writing about wine is a little too aspirational. None of it addresses the times when we really need help figuring out what the fuck to buy […]

Wine Wipes,or, Don’t Be a PTC

When I moved to Napa for wine school, I learned the unfortunate term “PTC,” as a caution against walking around after a wine tasting with purple teeth. PTCs are ‘purple-teethed cougars’ named for their love of big Napa Cabernet and handsome younger men. Hey, nice work if you can get it! Interestingly, there is no male […]

A Whiter Shade of Rosé

I have a potentially sensitive topic to discuss. And no, it doesn’t have anything to do with something horrible Donald Trump said on Twitter or public breastfeeding or any of the other things people love to argue about on the Internet. It’s something way more important than that. No, we need to talk about rosé. […]

Channeling My Inner Jancis

99% of the time, I’d rather pluck my eyelashes out one by one than read anything written by one of the major wine critics. The ramblings of bloviated old assholes like Robert Parker could not be less interesting to me, but the one bright spot in this barren, ick-inducing landscape (let’s just stop calling things […]

Wine Events, Ranked

Since I’m now in my fourth year in the wine industry in the DC area, I’ve been to a lot of wine events.  Some for just industry people, some that are open to the public, too.  I’ve worked at them and been a guest, both for work and for fun. Basically, I’ve eaten a lot […]

Tasting Roundup

It’s been a busy few days of tasting, and it’s only Thursday!  On Tuesday morning I had the pleasure of tasting this delicious, crisp and flavorful Riesling from Alsace producer Leon Boesch: My boss thinks it’s even better than Domaine Weinbach’s, but I’m not quite prepared to go there yet.  Still, classic Riesling aromas that […]

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

One of my favorite times of year is when all the fresh, delicious new roses are released.  I’ll drink almost anything pink, but every year I have favorites.  Last year it was all about Anton Bauer’s super citrusy Zweigelt-based rose.  And while I still love that (especially with Mexican food or fish – trust me!), […]

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