A Frivolous Friday

Much as I love wine, I love perfume (and coffee, but that’s another post) just as much.  You don’t amass a sample vial collection like this without a serious obsession: One of the things that makes fragrance so great is that it’s this private, invisible, but very powerful way to make believe you’re someone else, […]

Get Into the Thanksgiving Spirit With Cocchi!

I always thought of vermouth and aromatized wines as moldering, dusty, musty cocktail ingredients sitting in the bar rail. Crummy white vermouth and Lillet always tasted sour and stale to me – I couldn’t understand why anyone would drink the stuff.  I always ordered my martinis ‘very dry,’ because this was what cool people did, […]

A Good Harvest Day

Despite its overtones of bourgeoise agrotourism, I was super excited to spend the day at Anton Bauer picking grapes and checking out the winery.  The air was clear, cold and bright that morning, and our hotel was kind enough to lay out some breakfast for us despite the fact that we had to leave before […]

Average Joe Wines: Which Joe Are You?

There’s Flirt white blend and Middle Sister’s Smarty Pants Chardonnay – why should the ladies have all the fun? Men need a line of cynically marketed wines that pander to gender stereotypes, so we bring you Average Joe Wines! Average Joe Cabernet – Is this Paleo? Do you even know what that means? Did your […]

Great Gulps of Gruner – a Week in Austria!

The only problem with the gorgeous Loisium hotel in Langenlois, where I stayed for several days during Austrian wine country’s harvest season last month, is that we weren’t there for long enough!  It’s swanky, but not intimidating, and the kind of place where the closer you look, the more you realize that they have thought […]

You’ll Drink What’s There and Like It

This pretty much sums up my entertaining philosophy – but it’s not because I’m a jerk! Well, it’s partially because of that. It’s also because I’ve found that the fewer choices you give people, food and drink-wise at parties, the more is consumed and the more fun people have. My favorite party drink hands down […]

Book Report!

One of my personalities in the wine world is Terry Theise. He’s like the eccentric uncle I never had.  I wish I could be friends with him and have him give me life advice, but I have to settle for reading his extremely entertaining writing. When I first started getting interested in wine and discovered […]

Champagne – It’s Not Just for Breakfast Anymore!

People always ask me, “what’s your favorite wine?” You may as well ask a mother to pick her favorite child, but usually my answer is, “anything with bubbles.” With almost every other style, I find moderation pretty easy, but if there’s a glass of bubbly in front of me, I will empty it in no […]

Breathtaking Barolo

Whenever a vendor walks in the door with a bag full of wines from one winery and someone who actually works for said winery in tow, I get a little nervous.  If the wines are terrible, I just have to grin and bear it and find something nice to say, which takes almost superhuman effort […]

Tasting Tuesday – Austrian Gems

This past Tuesday, I got to taste through a whole lineup of new, fresh, zippy whites from local Austrian importer Klaus Wittauer.  Everything was delicious, but the standouts were Steininger’s new Gruner Veltliner and Riesling.  The Gruner smelled and tasted exactly like a slightly underripe peach – in the best possible way.  Tart, stone-fruit freshness […]

Tasting Tuesday: One-of-a-Kind Bubbly

I spend almost every Tuesday tasting for work – tough life, I know, but someone’s got to live it.  This means that I taste a lot of wine, and I get a pretty good cross-section of the wine world – the good, the bad, the ugly, and the laughable.  Some days are better than others, […]

A Delicious Night of Nebbiolo

As much as I love teaching classes, sometimes it’s nice to just sit back and let someone else do the talking.  That was exactly what I got to do last night, when Jim Hutton of Vias Imports visited us to show off some elegant Nebbiolo from Produttori del Barbaresco. I love Nebbiolo because it has […]

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