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50 Days of Rosé: Day 36

Aaaand, we’re back! I couldn’t resist this adorable bottle at Whole Foods, so I forked over $12.99 for this rosé of Garnacha from El Terrano: Plus, look at the capsule and cork. So cute and consistently branded: Bottle: 4.5/5 – If Anthropologie was going to have their own rosé label, this is what it would look […]

50 Days of Rosé: Day 32

Sometimes a favorite rosé will just come out of nowhere and give you a big juicy pink surprise bite in the ass. That is what happened with Pot de Vin, a rosé of Syrah I picked up on a whim at my local health food grocery store, Mom’s. I mostly like going there because they […]

50 Days of Rosé: Day 27

Today, I did a little browsing at Trader Joe’s to see what pink wine everyone’s favorite discount snack emporium has to offer. I’ve always liked the La Granja brand’s reds – the Tempranillo and Tempranillo/Garnacha blends are both great values to grab if you’re shopping for frozen mini quiches and cookies you’ll eat too many […]

50 Days of Rosé: Day 18

I love Austrian wine, and I’ve always had a soft spot for iconic producer Schloss Gobelsburg. In 2014 I spent an idyllic afternoon there, which was only slightly marred by the fact that partway through I realized that the hospitality manager, who was otherwise very nice to me, seemed to think that 9/11 never happened. […]

50 Days of Rosé: Day 12 (Shake Shake Shake…Shake your Wine?!)

Domestic rosé hasn’t been getting a whole lot of love here, but Margerum’s Riviera Rosé made me pretty happy…after a small adjustment! Bottle: 4.5/5 – Nice clean label design here, attractive screwcap, no weird tinting of the glass that makes the rosé a gross muddy color. Solid effort! Color: 4.5/5 – Very pale, but still […]

Into the Heart of Darkness: America’s Most Popular Wine Brands

Last week, just in time for Valentine’s Day, I decided to delve into the nexus of America’s repressed desires: the wine aisle at my local Target. Depending on what you read, either Apothic or Folie a Deux’s Menage a Trois are the most popular red blends in America, so I decided to try both. Here […]

So, You Want To Be A Wine Importer

So, you went to Uruguay or southern Italy on vacation, and you found the most amazing small producers that no one is bringing into the US. After some dreamy pillow talk with your significant other you’ve decided you should start a small import company. Congratulations! I hope you have a lot of money to lose. […]

How To Shop

Sure, you’d think we need another how-to series when it comes to wine and other adult beverages like a proverbial hole in the head. But in my experience, most helpful writing about wine is a little too aspirational. None of it addresses the times when we really need help figuring out what the fuck to buy […]

What I’m Tasting: Still Stuck on Gruner

As we gear up for fall at the shop, our tasting schedule is ramping up as well, which is sometimes fun, and sometimes just slogging through 20+ “red blends” in a day, searching for one that doesn’t make us all want to heave. I’ve tasted some delightful wines, many from Austria, in the past couple […]

A Little Monday Rant

I have a little bit of a bone to pick with some of our customers. And I feel bad saying this, because it’s not like I’m not happy that people want to shop at the store where I work. I like money. It keeps me in cheap rose and overpriced beauty products. But I don’t […]

Virginia is for (Wine) Lovers: Part 2

After my charcuterie at Early Mountain (I could have stayed there all afternoon and into the evening – that is a NICE tasting lounge!), it was time to head to Uphill House, a super charming bed and breakfast. The drive up the gravel road to get there (past a house with a Confederate flag – […]

What I’m Tasting: Pink Fizz!

A few standouts from the last few days. First up, a blend of Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir, Pinot Auxerrois, and Pinot Blanc. Wonderfully tart and zippy, with the flavor of ripe pears. So good.   Next were a pair of reds from Mas de Daumas Gassac, a winery whose wines I always enjoy – they […]

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