Tasting Roundup

It’s been a busy few days of tasting, and it’s only Thursday!  On Tuesday morning I had the pleasure of tasting this delicious, crisp and flavorful Riesling from Alsace producer Leon Boesch:

Leon Boesch Luss Riesling

My boss thinks it’s even better than Domaine Weinbach’s, but I’m not quite prepared to go there yet.  Still, classic Riesling aromas that lean more toward that lime skin and pith kind of character you sometimes get in Australian Rieslings, but with a bit more weight and lusciousness.  Wonderful.

Then we were visited by local importer Maurizio Farro, and he brought along a wonderful winemaker from Umbrian winery Perticaia.  The wines were the perfect balance between ripe, soft tannins and fruit flavors that really had that ‘yum’ factor, and old-world Italian character.

Perticaia winemaker

And yesterday I got to taste through the current releases from classic Napa producer Chateau Montelena.  Matt Crafton, the winemaker, was there to guide us through the wines.  Their new Sauvignon Blanc was delicious – a Cali Sauv Blanc I’d actually drink!

Montelena Sauv Blanc

Looking through these photos is making me want to curl up and rent Bottleshock tonight.  Cheers to a cozy, rainy Thursday!

Montelena Cabernets

Montelena winemaker bottles

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