What I’m Tasting: Still Stuck on Gruner

As we gear up for fall at the shop, our tasting schedule is ramping up as well, which is sometimes fun, and sometimes just slogging through 20+ “red blends” in a day, searching for one that doesn’t make us all want to heave. I’ve tasted some delightful wines, many from Austria, in the past couple days, so here’s a little rundown:



First up was this little gem from Huber. A bit more sophisticated than my beloved Paul D, but still comes in a convenient liter bottle.



This Zweigelt rose reminded me of La Croix Grapefruit soda mixed with cranberry juice, only boozy. So sour and zingy it almost seems carbonated – basically my perfect beverage. It’s closed with a crown cap, which for some reason makes me happy.



And THESE two gorgeous Gruners are from a producer I’m not familiar with, Hollerer, but I can’t wait to try everything they make and drink it all. These are single-vineyard Gruners, and each had a distinct character – the Ganslgraben was very mineral-driven, lean and serious, and the Langer Weig was much more plush and ripe. Plus I just love the labels.

God, I love Austrian wine. I want to go back ASAP.

Now, on to one of my other favorite winegrowing regions: Piemonte:



What a lovely, fresh Langhe Nebbiolo. All the tart, just-ripe fruit of a Gamay or really great Dolcetto, but with the structure of Nebbiolo. Delicious. Why did our rep not bring a giant plate of charcuterie so I could retire to the back steps and kill the rest of the bottle? Cretin.

What have you been tasting as summer winds down?

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